Heilungs- und Versöhnungsreise nach Riga (Lettland) Tag 5

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The magic of singing

It occurred to me this morning that the dark side in me is so present and vivid... Literally darkness is just waiting for an opportunity to sting…

Realizations about my father, my doll named Staško, my uniform(s) were painful…
I am grateful for the power of the circle and the strong sense of belonging – it feels like being at home. I am treasuring this feeling deeply in my heart.

The magic of singing: we experience healing every day during this week… from time to time my inner song comes from nowhere and surprises me 😊 Maybe therefore I’m longing to find my true voice?

The journey to Daugavgrivas fortress (Dünamünder Schanze) reminded me of the legend of my family roots - and of the fortresses we build outside and inside…

At the seashore a ritual of transforming attitude(s) – I have quite a few on the list… it is not about getting rid of them as none needs them…  it is about true transformation: welcoming more light and love in my life

I am thankful for all the gifts I received today!

Marika, Lettland

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