Heilungs- und Versöhnungsreise nach Riga (Lettland) Tag 2

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Yesterday's light meditation, where we were invited to visualize a protective cape of shining stars, today was enhanced with a silent ritual to embody the archetype of the priest - the healer within us.

Anna keeps inviting us to interpenetrate the darkness to see the light beneath the horror of war and personal trauma. After the meditation oft he star of ligth, which noticeably enlightend the atmosphere in the room, we are ready for a healing ritual for young boys murdered during World War II on September, 19 in 1944.

Gathered around a decorated altar on the ground, we commemorated the young people with candlelight, the chanting of their names and the final singing of Latvian folksongs and lullabies. It was a very touching experience of accepting the reality in all its ugliness: the lives of those young people had ended suddenly and brutally.

By visiting the monument to the victims of this war crime and the cemetery for the soldiers we have lost in wars, we closed the circle. Too many years of wars for our small Latvia. Seeing flowers on the grave stones of the soldiers whose names were chanted just a couple of hours ago, made me realise that they are not forgotten.

So may the ritual we celebrated today set at peace not only the souls of the soldiers but also those of their loved ones who are still alive.

Evita, Lettland

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